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Voters Encounter Problems Across the Country

In addition to heavy turnout some polling places experienced problems that ranged from malfunctioning voting machines to registration difficulties. An elections expert discusses voting irregularities across the country.

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    Lessons learned from recent elections supposedly had election officials prepared to handle problems at the polls this year, everything from malfunctioning voting machines to registered voters being barred from going ahead and casting their vote. Doug Chapin is director of ElectionLine.org, a nonpartisan organization that's tracking voting problems across the country, and he joins me now.

    We heard earlier in the program that one out of three voters were working with new equipment today.

  • DOUG CHAPIN, Director, ElectionLine.org:

    It's staggering the amount of change we've seen in this country. The presidential election of 2000 and the resulting Help America Vote Act of 2002 unleashed, really, a tidal wave of change in the way we conduct elections around this country. And one facet of that is the degree of change we're seeing in election equipment across the country.


    Well, even with the primary season as a shakeout, were there a lot of technical problems today?


    There were lots of problems today: machines that didn't start properly in Indiana; poll workers who had trouble getting them started in Indiana and Ohio; activator machines in Utah that had trouble starting up access cards; widespread problems, none of them really big problems, but still fairly widespread.

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