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Armed White House intruder sparks calls for investigation – Part 1

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    Finally tonight: new details and fresh questions following a major security breach at the most famous residence in America.

    The amateur video taped by a tourist captured a man running across the White House lawn Friday evening. Omar Gonzalez allegedly jumped the fence and made it through the executive mansion's unlocked front door with a three-inch knife before being stopped.

  • MAN:

    Folks, every turn around and head out the gate here. You're going to have to go out to 17th Street, please.


    The first family had left for Camp David just minutes before, but the incident still prompted a partial evacuation of the White House.

    Federal prosecutors revealed yesterday that Gonzalez, an Army veteran from Texas, had 800 rounds of ammunition, a machete and two hatchets in his vehicle. He'd also been arrested in July in southwestern Virginia with a car full of weapons and a map with the White House circled. And last month, officials stopped Gonzalez as he walked by the White House with a hatchet in his belt.

    After Friday's incident, the Secret Service immediately increased surveillance and foot patrols near the White House. But the episode also brought renewed criticism.

    Republican Congressman Peter King of New York appeared on FOX News Sunday.

    REP. PETER KING (R), New York: This demands a full investigation, an investigation as to what happened and why it happened, and what's being done to make sure it never happens again.


    A House hearing is scheduled next week, amid reports the public might be moved farther back from the fences.

    But D.C.'s delegate to Congress, Eleanor Holmes Norton, has objected to that proposal. In a letter to Secret Service director Julia Pierson, she asked that public access not be further restricted.

    For his part, President Obama expressed confidence in his security team yesterday during a White House event.


    The Secret Service does a great job. I'm grateful for the sacrifices they make on my behalf.


    Still, this wasn't the first black eye for the Secret Service. In 2012, agents were disciplined over allegations they used prostitutes in Colombia, South America. And, last year, three agents were sent home for drinking during the president's trip to Europe.

    The security breach is raising, as we said, a lot of questions about the Secret Service, its ability to protect the president, and what changes might be made in and around the White House.