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WHO Likely to Declare Swine Flu Pandemic

The World Health Organization is expected to declare H1N1 flu a pandemic as the number of cases continues to grow worldwide. Ray Suarez speaks to WHO Director Margaret Chan in Geneva.

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    Next, the flu and the latest on the global health response. Ray Suarez and our Global Health Unit were at the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva today. Its health chief has convened an emergency meeting tomorrow to decide whether to declare the situation a pandemic. Ray has that story.

    DR. MARGARET CHAN, director-general, World Health Organization: So what are you working on?


    At World Health Organization headquarters in Switzerland, Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan was talking to staff today in what's called the SHOC room, the Strategic Health Operation Center, where data on new H1N1 flu cases is coming in from around the world.


    Four hundred and eighty-five cases, but no deaths.


    The U.N. agency is preparing to raise the new flu to the highest alert status, level six. We spoke to Dr. Chan in Geneva.