Arts Oct 05

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Conversation: ‘Going Back’ With Phil Collins

Released last week in America, Phil Collins' latest album, "Going Back," is his homage to the music idols of his youth. The collection of Motown and soul hits by the former drummer and lead singer of Genesis reached No. 1…

Arts Dec 23

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Conversation: Painter James Rosenquist

From signs and billboard advertisements that loomed high above Times Square to canvases filled with images from popular culture that helped shape the world of art from the early 1960s, James Rosenquist has been painting on a large scale for…

Arts Oct 15

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Conversation: Joan Baez

Last night on PBS's American Masters, viewers got an intimate portrait of one of America's most famous singers. Joan Baez began performing with her guitar in coffee shops at just 17, but went on to help define the sound and…

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