Nation May 10

Overshadowed by COVID-19, race for the White House forges on

There is no bigger story than the COVID-19 epidemic, a worldwide contagion that’s taken hundreds of thousands of lives and thrown the global economy into disarray. As a result, the U.S. presidential election has been pushed into the shadows. Special…

Mar 03

Many Democratic voters made last-minute picks

Many Democratic voters in Super Tuesday's presidential primaries made up their minds just before casting a ballot — a sign of fluidity in a race recently upended by Joe Biden's blowout in South Carolina.

Feb 23

Reliability of pricey new voting machines questioned

In the rush to replace insecure, unreliable electronic voting machines after Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential race, state and local officials have scrambled to acquire more trustworthy equipment for this year’s election, when U.S. intelligence agencies fear even…

Feb 23

Buttigieg questions 3rd place finish in Nevada, cites errors

Pete Buttigieg’s campaign has questioned his third-place finish in Nevada’s caucuses and called for the state’s Democratic party to release a more detailed breakdown of votes and address reports of more than 200 problems allocating votes in Saturday’s caucuses.

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