World Aug 21

Greece Strengthens Its Border Protection
Europe fears Afghan refugee crisis after Taliban takeover

Haunted by a 2015 migration crisis fueled by the Syrian war, European leaders desperately want to avoid another large-scale influx of refugees and migrants from Afghanistan. Except for those who helped Western forces in the country's two-decade war, the message…

World Aug 21

EU Commission President von der Leyen delivers a statement on EU's vaccine strategy, in Brussels
EU warns Taliban it has not recognized their regime

The European Union’s top officials warned the Taliban on Saturday that the current conversations being held to secure the exit of as many Afghan evacuees as possible do not mean the bloc is prepared to recognize the new regime.

Dec 26

Germany, Hungary give 1st vaccine shots ahead of EU rollout

Germany, Hungary and Slovakia began giving out their first coronavirus vaccine shots on Saturday only hours after receiving their first shipments, upsetting the European Union’s plans for a coordinated rollout Sunday across the bloc’s 27 nations.