Science Dec 14

Scientists focus on bats for clues to prevent next pandemic

Viruses that emerge from bats are more lethal in humans than those from other species. Scientists are probing the mysteries of bat immune systems and investigating strategies to minimize contact between humans and livestock with bats and other wild animals.

Science Apr 13

In the exhibit, there's a placard that says, "A Bad Rap for Bats." Bats are important in many ecosystems, the exhibit says, but they also carry viruses that can cause diseases in humans when "our activities intrude on bats' habitats." Photo by Joshua Barajas/PBS NewsHour
Analysis: How we can prevent the next pandemic

David Quammen has tracked the spillover of viruses from animals to humans for more than a decade. To avoid future pandemics, he says, we must rethink our relationship with nature and recognize how our choices can lead to dangerous disruptions…

Feb 02

A ‘Bat Bot’ takes flight

Bat wings have intrigued scientists for centuries. And now, engineers have created “Bat Bot,” a small aircraft that mimics the flight patterns of the small, rodent-like flyers. Bat Bot exposes the complicated mechanics of bat flight and simultaneously provides clues…