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A view of the Exxon Mobil refinery in Baytown, Texas September 15, 2008.  Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/REUTERS
Exxon Mobil wins lawsuit over climate change risks

Exxon Mobil won a closely watched lawsuit over the costs of climate change, with a judge saying there was no proof the energy giant duped investors about the toll that regulations could take on its business.

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Tuesday on the NewsHour, the New York attorney general investigates whether Exxon Mobil downplayed risks of climate change. Also: Thousands walk off the job to push for a $15 minimum wage, one man’s endeavor to walk around the world, a…

The Iraqi government opened six of its oil fields to international bidders Monday as the nation attempts to increase daily production by 60 percent, leaving the door open for top Western companies to tap into the world's third largest oil…