Feb 12

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Ursula Le Guin, best for her works of science fiction and fantasy, has been writing and publishing novels, children's books, poetry and drama for over four decades. In December, she withdrew her membership from the Author's Guild because she disagreed…

Dec 31

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A Look at Google Books

In another in our series about the future of literature and literacy, Spencer Michels looks at internet giant Google's controversial plan to offer millions of books online.

To get a real close look at some of the best paintings housed in Spain's Prado Museum, you no longer have to trek to Madrid. Google and one of the world's most famous galleries announced Tuesday they have teamed up…

Question/Comment: There’s been a lot of talk recently about saving the financial industry, the auto industry. What are the top U.S. industries, in terms of total dollar value, number of employees, etc? I tried Googling it, but did not use…

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