Mar 18

We’re talking about inequality all wrong

The right measure is not how much wealth or income people have or receive, but their spending power after the government has levied taxes on those resources and supplemented those resources with welfare and other benefits.

Feb 23

Social Security, joblessness top economic concerns for Americans

WASHINGTON — Finally, something that polarized Americans can agree on. Ask people what economic issues will be important for the next president, and Democrats, Republicans and independents alike all put a high priority on protecting Social Security and reducing unemployment.

Feb 20

Poll shows income gap, Wall Street major issues for Democrats

A poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that most Democrats consider income inequality a very important issue and half of them think tougher regulations of the financial markets imposed after the 2008 financial crisis did…

Feb 05

Fact-checking the 5th Democratic debate

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton cast the financial industry as an adversary in her presidential campaign — despite the money that industry has poured into her White House effort. Bernie Sanders once again mischaracterized the share of the wealth taken by…

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