Nation Feb 13

How the West got rich and modern capitalism was born

"We need to qualify the fairy tale we like to tell about capitalism and free labor," argues Harvard historian Sven Beckert, author of the new book, "Empire of Cotton." In part two of his essay on Making Sen$e, he explores…

Nation Jul 11

A genetic explanation of economic success

There’s nothing to rule out the possibility that the economically successful of the modern world are actually genetically different from the people who are not successful, economic historian Gregory Clark tells Paul Solman in part four of their never-before published…

Nation Jul 10

The key to England’s economic growth: The rich outlived the poor

England's economic success, beginning with the takeoff of the Industrial Revolution, can be explained by the "survival of the richest," argues economic historian Gregory Clark in the third installment of his never-before published interview with Paul Solman about his 2007…

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