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Welcome to the new PBS NewsHour


The last 12 months have brought many changes to the PBS NewsHour. We launched a new format for the weekday show led by our co-anchors Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff. Our coverage expanded to the weekends with Saturday and Sunday broadcasts anchored by Hari Sreenivasan and produced by a division of WNET/New York in collaboration with MacNeil/Lehrer Productions. And today we’re launching a completely overhauled PBS NewsHour website — the most expansive redesign in the history of our 18-year online presence.

Over the course of the last three years, we’ve seen remarkable growth in demand for our content on digital platforms. In 2013, we added 5 million returning visitors compared to the previous year, and we’ve seen more than 100 percent growth in nearly every audience measure since 2011. This new site is designed to meet the demands of an expanding and more involved audience, and the changes aren’t just skin deep. Thanks to a public media collaboration between the PBS NewsHour and a skilled team at WNET’s Interactive Engagement Group, the new site is thoroughly modern. It’s more efficient, more secure, and easier to navigate on any device.

Last fall, we reorganized our team of journalists to expand our coverage online, and the new site is built to showcase this effort. But it is also designed to change and adapt going forward. Online journalism hasn’t yet outgrown the experimental stage of its evolution. So, we will experiment, evaluate and improve. We will converse with our audience and rebuild ourselves with the wisdom of their feedback and the value of our instincts.

Through all of this change, we’re fortunate to have clear goals and guidelines. We follow in the footsteps of our founders, Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer. Their legacy is our roadmap in a world where lines are increasingly blurred and slopes are ever more slippery. We have Jim’s touchstone rules for journalism. We have a clearly defined mandate to serve the public interest. We have Gwen, Judy, Hari, Jeffrey Brown, Margaret Warner, Paul Solman, Miles O’Brien, Kwame Holman and countless other professionals who toil every day to uphold these values.

At the PBS NewsHour, we strive to be fast and accurate; keen and fair; illuminating and discerning. Join us online and let us know how we’re doing. Visit our site, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or catch our latest report on YouTube. We’re here for you.

Let’s look at a few of the features on our new site:

Easy to use on any device:

Our new site is designed to work well on any device. Whether you’re on a tiny phone screen, a modest laptop or the biggest desktop monitor, you’ll find our content fills your screen to give you the best possible reading and viewing experience.

Every page of the new PBS NewsHour site is designed to display well on a phone, tablet, or computer screen.

Every page of the new PBS NewsHour site is designed to display well on a phone, tablet, or computer screen.

Navigation menus:

Everything we produce is easily accessible from menus across the top of our site. You’ll find these menus easy to navigate on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.


Drop down menus on the top of the page provide easy access to every part of our site, including the most recent content on our major topics.

Recent programs:

Find all the video reports we produce, on air and online, in one place. Our recent programs page offers access to thousands of PBS NewsHour videos, with no registration, no fees, and no barriers between you and our content.

Live Streaming:

We live stream the PBS NewsHour and PBS NewsHour Weekend every day. Our new site will feature the live stream on nearly every page, so you’ll never miss our broadcast or other important live events.

Thanks for reading. Please leave us your feedback on the new site here and let us know what you think.

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