Sitting on its own small island in Doha, Qatar, on the Persian Gulf, the brand new Museum of Islamic Art contains one of the greatest collections of the religion's art and artifacts, including works from throughout the Arab world, Europe…

Azza Fahmy is a jewelry maker taking from the past to create beautiful new objects. Karima Mansour is a dancer struggling to find acceptance in her own country. Lara Baladi is an artist who sheds a dark light on life…

Arabesque: Arts of the Arab World opened at the Kennedy Center in Washington on Monday. Here's the first in a series of broadcast reports, which aired Monday evening on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

Feb 23

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Arabesque and Us

Regular visitors to Art Beat will remember that I was in the Middle East a few weeks back talking to artists (and, as it turned out, reporting on the Gaza conflict's fallout) for a series of profiles tied to Arabesque:…

Brian Dennehy and Robert Falls have teamed up for nearly all of O'Neill's classics. Now, they're at it again, with "Desire Under the Elms," part of an ambitious six-play festival of O'Neill at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago.

Author Neil Gaiman is a man of many genres: science fiction, graphic novels -- some of you will know his "Sandman" series -- screenplays, adult fiction, as well as books for young readers.

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