Jan 30

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Watching the 2003 interview I did with John Updike, who died this week, brought back very warm memories about the man and a very special day. Whenever we have the opportunity to travel and visit with writers and artists, we…

For most of the English-speaking world and certainly for this reader, Roberto Bolano was unknown only a few years ago. Since then, he's become a literary phenomenon--his novels read, reviewed, discussed, widely praised.

Jan 22

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News from Gaza on every television. One man said to me: "I feel as though I've seen every one of the 1,200 bodies of those killed." And on every tongue: expressions of outrage, helplessness, sadness.

Jan 07

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Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy has spent much of the last three decades creating works amid natural settings in his native England or across Europe and North America, or even at the North Pole.

Peter Matthiessen, a 2008 National Book Award winner, is best known as both a novelist and non-fiction writer, but he's also an environmental activist, American Indian rights advocate and former C.I.A. recruit.

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