Science Aug 20

Take a look at a jellyfish sting in slow motion

Imagine being stabbed by a hypodermic needle that pumps a painful venom into your body once it penetrates your skin. Now, imagine being stabbed by a countless number of these, all on a microscopic level.

Science Aug 23

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Diana Nyad: A Swimmer Battles the Elements

During her 42-hour attempted swim from Cuba to Key West this week, Diana Nyad battled extreme exhaustion, severe sunburn, strained muscles, powerful storms and circling sharks. But the thing that really ground the 103-mile trek to a halt, she said,…

Science Oct 08

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Study of Glowing Jellyfish Nets Nobel Prize for Trio

One Japanese and two American scientists won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday for discovering and developing a glowing jellyfish protein that has revolutionized the way researchers study disease and normal development in living organisms.