Sep 25

What contemporary capitalism needs to learn from fairy tales

Six years ago, during the fall of 2008, the financial world was unraveling. But the origins of the Great Recession weren't simply monetary; they were moral, argues University of Washington professor David Bosworth. And yet, virtual America continues to miss…

Economy Sep 15

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Five Years On: Lessons Learned from the Collapse?

On the fifth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Heidi Moore, The Guardian's US finance and economics editor, speaks with Hari Sreenivasan about what the United States has (or hasn't) done to prevent another financial collapse and how regulations…

Editor’s note: Paul also recently sat down with Harvey Miller, lawyer for Lehman Brothers during its descent into bankruptcy, for an insider’s look at what it was like meeting with government regulators as Lehman faced collapsed.

Editor’s note: Paul recently sat down with Robert Glauber, former Treasury undersecretary under George H.W. Bush and the leader of the taskforce under Reagan charged with reporting on the 1987 stock market crash, to discuss what Glauber would have…

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