World Jul 01

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Why Mexico’s Ruling Party Seems Headed for Defeat

Margaret Warner interviews voter Judith Cordova at polling site Sunday. Photos by Morgan Till/NewsHour. MEXICO CITY | If you want to know why President Felipe Calderon's National Action Party, PAN, is going to lose today, just ask 53-year-old divorcee Judith…

World Jun 28

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Where Frontrunner Pena Nieto Might Take Mexico’s Drug War

Military police stand guard at the scene of a murder in Juarez, Mexico. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images. Mexico's presidential candidates have offered so few specifics about the No. 1 issue to voters -- how to tame the grisly violence…

Jun 20

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As Mexicans move to elect a new president on July 1, whoever wins the keys to the official residence, or Los Pinos, will be tied to the United States in a number of ways: on border security, as trading partners,…

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