Science Jan 26

Triggering thirst with the flip of a switch

What if you could trick your brain into thinking you weren't thirsty in the first place without ingesting a single drop of water, or make yourself believe you are thirsty when you are not?…

Nation Jun 13

Army Works to Repair Medical Center, Reputation

Army officials toured Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Wednesday to inspect and monitor repairs at the facility, which has been criticized for poor conditions and patient care. The Army's surgeon general and a veterans advocate debate the medical center's…

Health Jun 27

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Study: BPA Makes Male Mice Less Masculine

A new study released Monday shows that exposure to a common ingredient in plastic bottles and packaging can cause male mice to act like females. The lead author of the study discusses its significance for humans.

Science Jan 17

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Paralyzed Mice Able to Regain Movement, Study Reveals

The brain is a stubborn organ. When faced with a roadblock, it works to find another way. It fumbles to repair itself. Researchers have found new evidence of the brain's ability to adapt to injuries by studying the spinal cord…