World Apr 23

Venezuela’s Maduro begins allowing aid against hunger, virus

Maduro for years had rejected numerous humanitarian aid offers as unnecessary and as veiled attempts by the United States and other hostile forces to destabilize his socialist government. That stance appears to have wavered amid continuing hardships.

World Feb 24

Sanctions prompt Venezuela to expel head of EU delegation

Venezuela's government has ordered the expulsion of the head of the EU delegation in the South American nation following the bloc's decision to impose sanctions on several Venezuelan officials accused of undermining democracy or violating human rights.

Politics Jan 11

Trump hits Cuba with new sanctions in waning days

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the step on Monday, citing in particular Cuba's continued harboring of U.S. fugitives as well as its support for Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro.

Sep 26

Informant in top Venezuela case lied to feds

A key informant against one of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s closest aides has been accused of lying to his law enforcement handlers in a case involving millions of dollars transported on private jets in violation of U.S. sanctions.