Novel coronavirus

Our latest reporting on the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Mar 15

Weary travelers returning to the U.S. amid coronavirus-related travel restrictions were greeted by long lines and hourslong waits for required medical screenings at airports. Posts on social media indicated passengers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport waited upward of four hours…

Mar 14

Straight-talking Fauci explains outbreak to a worried nation

Fauci's political bosses — from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump — have let him do the explaining because he's frank and understandable, translating complex medical information into everyday language while neither exaggerating nor downplaying.

With businesses shuttering, professional sports leagues suspending their seasons and widespread travel restrictions initiated around the world, the economic fallout from the new coronavirus outbreak may continue for months. Vijay Vaitheeswaran, editor for The Economist, joins Hari Sreenivasan for…

Mar 14

Trump tests negative for virus; White House begins screening

After days of resisting screening for the coronavirus, President Donald Trump tested negative for the virus, officials said Saturday night. Meanwhile, the White House began checking the temperature of anyone coming into close contact with the president and other officials.

Mar 14

WASHINGTON — Coronavirus is already coloring the 2020 campaign, with Democrats convinced President Donald Trump’s response to the outbreak leaves him and down-ballot Republicans vulnerable over the burgeoning health crisis, his competency and — potentially most damaging — the staggering economy.