Jul 15

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Kerry on Iran negotiations: ‘Still have more work to do’

WASHINGTON — World powers and Iran still face significant gaps in their negotiations to curb Tehran's nuclear program, foreign ministers said Tuesday while forging ahead with efforts to secure a deal that could finally bridge a decades-long diplomatic chasm between…

Jul 14

U.S., Iran search for nuclear agreement ahead of July 20 deadline

VIENNA — The top U.S. and Iranian diplomats searched Monday for a breakthrough in nuclear talks, their efforts complicated by crises across the Middle East and beyond that have Washington and Tehran aligned in some places but often opposed. The…

Mar 25

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President Obama holds a joint press conference on nuclear security

http://youtu.be/lEhbPv2pASQ President Barack Obama was in The Netherlands and Belgium on Tuesday for meetings with global leaders and for the Nuclear Security Summit. President Barack Obama said the United States is concerned about further encroachment by Russia into Ukraine during…

Feb 21

Why is the world watching Iran's nuclear program? Because many countries have accused the Islamic State of pursuing nuclear weapons capability, although Iran insists that its program is peaceful. Read on to see how they are affected by the interim…

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