Nation Oct 21

Federal data shows 76 billion opioid pills were distributed from 2006 to 2012. Photo by Education Images/UIG via Getty Images
$260 million deal averts 1st federal trial on opioid crisis

Across the U.S., the pharmaceutical industry still faces more than 2,600 other lawsuits over the deadly disaster, and participants in those cases said the latest deal buys them time to try to work out a nationwide settlement of all claims.

Nation Oct 16

Bottles of several opioid based medication at a pharmacy in Portsmouth, Ohio, June 21, 2017. Photo by REUTERS/Bryan Woolston
Jury selection begins in opioid trial despite delay request

Two Ohio counties claim drug companies that made, distributed and sold prescription painkillers engaged in a deadly conspiracy that has inflicted massive damage on their communities and created a public nuisance that costs the counties hundreds of millions of dollars…