Jan 17

Sanders pitches tax hike to pay for universal health care plan

Vowing to achieve universal health care, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders released a sweeping proposal hours before Sunday's Democratic presidential debate to create a new single-payer health care system in the United States paid for with a variety of widespread tax…

Jan 17

U.S.-Iran ties warming after nuclear deal

The lifting of sanctions and the exchange of prisoners this weekend show American relations with Iran are improving. President Obama on Sunday attributed the developments to effective diplomacy, even as his critics said the moves would adversely influence U.S. security.

Jan 10

Trump shifts stance on Chinese tariff

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said in interviews last week he would impose significant tariff's on China. But on Sunday appeared to step back from that statement.

Jan 09

Debate over women in combat continues to roil Marine Corps

A top Marine general predicts that the Defense Department's vows to maintain the same standards for women and men in combat jobs won't last, saying the military will eventually be pressured to lower the qualifications so more women can serve…