Arts Nov 11

PEN America names winners of prison writing program award

PEN America has announced the winners of a new award, supported by a grant from the estate of the late Madeleine L'Engle, for participants in the literary and human rights organization's Prison Writing Mentorship Program.

Arts Oct 16

PEN America lawsuit alleges Trump is stifling free speech

"President Trump has First Amendment rights and is free to criticize the press vehemently, but he is not free to use the power and authority of the United States government to punish and stifle it," the complaint reads.

Poetry Jan 16

As ‘writers resist’ Trump, an interview with a poet in protest

On Sunday, writers and artists rallied across the country in defense of freedom of speech and to protest the political discourse of President-elect Donald Trump. The Writers Resist events took place in Tuscaloosa, Fresno, Helena Denver, Chicago, Baltimore,and Washington D.C.,…