Mar 13

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As the first three rounds of voting Tuesday and Wednesday failed to produce a pope, the 115-member conclave will keep trying Wednesday afternoon with renewed hopes of reaching consensus. There's no clear frontrunner, but out of the cardinals who are…

Pope Benedict XVI at his last meeting with cardinals at the Vatican on Feb. 28. Photo via Osservatore Romano/Reuters. By Robert McMahon, editor for the Council on Foreign Relations Introduction The February 2013 resignation of Pope Benedict XVI…

Mar 08

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The Daily Frame

Museum mount maker Richard West stands next to St. Oran's Cross -- the world's first Celtic cross dating to the 8th century -- in his workshop in Selkirk, Scotland.

Cardinals from all over the world are converging on Rome to elect a new leader of the Roman Catholic Church's 1.1 billion followers. The College of Cardinals is expected to meet Monday to decide when the conclave will begin to…

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