Economy Aug 03

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Why Do Cars Have Fuel Doors on Different Sides?

Editor’s Note: Robert Frank, author of The Economic Naturalist’s Field Guide: Common Sense Principles for Troubled Times, recently guest-blogged for several weeks here at the Business Desk with answers to some of life’s economic ironies: why brides…

Economy Jul 07

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Send Robert Frank Your Questions

Whether it’s tackling why brides buy outfits and grooms rent to explaining why drive-up ATMs have Braille dots and freezers don’t have lights, Robert Frank has been guest blogging fascinating…

Economy Jun 30

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Why Do Drive-Up ATM Machines Have Braille Dots?

Robert Frank: As promised yesterday, today’s economic naturalist question is one of my two all-time favorites from among the many thousands submitted over the years by former students. “Why,” Bill Tjoa wanted to know, “do the keypad…

Economy Dec 19

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Which Is It: Spend or Save?

Question/Comment: We’re told that lower consumer spending will make economic recovery much more difficult. We’re admonished that we don’t save nearly enough, and are among the lowest among industrialized nations. So which is it: spend or save? Paul Solman: The…

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