Science Aug 12

Meet the oldest known vertebrate in the world

A Greenland shark just took home the gold medal for longest-living vertebrate. This slow-moving native of the Arctic and North Atlantic can live to be 272 years old, according to a new study in Science.

Science Feb 25

Photo essay: How to swim safely with sharks

Ocean Ramsey wants you to know that sharks are vastly misunderstood. They’re scavengers, and rarely confrontational, said the biologist and scuba instructor, who has studied the animals for 15 years and leads cageless shark diving expeditions off the coast of…

Science Oct 20

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Dolphins used as bait for sharks

ITV News has obtained footage proving - for the first time - that fishermen in South America are illegally hunting dolphins. Environmentalists believe thousands of the animals are slaughtered every year, with their meat being used as bait for sharks.