Science May 07

As species decline, so do the scientists who name them

Quentin Wheeler’s career can be traced back to a fascination with pond scum. Now president of SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Wheeler was 8 when he first peered through a microscope and saw the single-celled organisms known as…

Aug 05

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With an estimated 5,500 species in the Yasuni National Park, Ecuador has some of the largest biodiversity in the world. But Yasuni is also home to nearly 850 million barrels of crude oil, which Ecuador may choose to leave untapped…

Jan 05

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Ants, Supersized

Researchers have found they can activate the development of supersized "supersoldier" ants. The study is published in the journal Science on Thursday. Here are some photos of pheidole ants, captured by biologist and photographer Alexander Wild, who studies the evolutionary…