Nation Aug 07

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Are smartphones making a generation unhappy?

The promise of social media is instant human connection. But for many teens, greater use of social media mans a far greater sense of isolation, according to an increasing body of evidence. William Brangham speaks with Jean Twenge, author of…

Nation May 23

5 important stories that didn’t receive a news alert

We know it's easy to overlook stories not involving Trump, Comey or Russia. With that in mind, we give you five important stories that you may have missed, including an Atlantic piece on a modern-day slave and the state of…

Nation Jan 30

Your phone is trying to control your life

Whether you're killing time in line at Starbucks or scrolling through an endless meme stream on Twitter, your smartphone is trying to seduce you. Former Google employee Tristan Harris felt something needed to be done to combat tech designers' relentless…

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