It's easy to walk into any of the myriad free art museums here in Washington and find days' worth of great stuff to see. But what about the chances of you getting your artwork up in one of those museums?…

Apr 14

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On a recent evening in Washington, D.C., a petite woman stepped onto a stage before a sold-out crowd. Her look was casual, but this was no soft-spoken, indie folk singer. It was Neko Case, who some critics say is in…

On a cool Easter Sunday morning in 1939, 22-year-old photographer Robert Scurlock was sent on one of his first assignments to the Lincoln Memorial to capture a performance by Marian Anderson, the world-famous black contralto.

Just about every night at a football field in Northwest, Howard University's marching band has been spending hours rehearsing around the track, preparing for its biggest event ever: Tuesday's inauguration parade.

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