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Giving voice to youth caught in immigration limbo

PBS NewsHour Weekend recently traveled to El Salvador to report on gang violence that has forced many Salvadorans to seek a new life in the United States.

But that violence isn’t confined within El Salvador’s borders. Residents from other Central American countries, including Guatemala and Honduras, also experience similar fears in their daily lives.

Oscar Turcios Funez lost his father and brother to gang violence in Honduras and he shares his story in a new documentary series called The Crossfire Kids, produced by WPBT2 – South Florida Public Media.

Oscar’s family was being extorted by a local gang, and when the family couldn’t pay the money the gang demanded, his father and brother were murdered. Thousands of minors who are currently awaiting asylum cases in the United States have similar stories.

The Crossfire Kids tells a range of stories from people all over the world who have come to the U.S. as minors to seek a future in a country where their legal status remains uncertain.

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