Merkel: Germans must take stand against anti-Semitism

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took to the Berlin streets Sunday to promote peace and tolerance of Jews in the country.

“Jewish friends, neighbors and colleagues, consider yourselves at home here,” she said at the rally, adding that she will do everything she can “to ensure anti-Semitism doesn’t have a chance,” BBC News reported.

The event, attended by nearly 5,000 people, was organized in light of a surge of anti-Semitic acts in several European countries following the Israeli attacks on Gaza in July, BBC News reported.

This summer saw “the worst anti-Semitic slogans on German streets for many, many decades,” Jewish leader Dieter Graumann told the Associated Press.

The Jewish organization Community Security Trust, which monitors anti-Semitic incidents, said it recorded 452 anti-Semitic acts in the months of July and August in the United Kingdom, according to CST’s website.

The fear of a new, more widespread anti-Semitism has caused many Jewish citizens to migrate to Israel. This movement was the subject of Sunday’s NewsHour Weekend report from France:

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