World Jul 18

No deal in sight; EU leaders haggle over budget, virus fund

European Union leaders are hunting for compromises as a summit to reach a deal on an unprecedented 1.85 trillion euro ($2.1 trillion) EU budget and coronavirus recovery fund enters its second day. Tensions are running high, and a full day…

World May 10

New virus clusters show risks of 2nd wave as protests flare

In Germany, where thousands have protested remaining restrictions in recent days, health officials say the number of people each confirmed coronavirus patient infects rose above 1 again, reflecting a renewed increase in cases. The number must be below 1 for…

Mar 29

Germany’s Merkel shines in virus crisis even as power wanes

With the coronavirus outbreak, Merkel is reasserting her traditional strengths and putting her stamp firmly on domestic policy after two years in which her star seemed to be fading, with attention focused on constant bickering in her governing coalition and…

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