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Finns push for younger people to get vaccines

HELSINKI — Residents in the Finnish capital were able to get coronavirus jabs without advance appointment on Saturday at four dedicated walk-in vaccination points in a one-day trial meant to lure young people in particular to get vaccinated.

Health officials in Helsinki, a city of 631,000 inhabitants, urged all those aged 16 and above, and those 12 to 15 who belong to a risk group, to get vaccinated.

“Now it’s possible to drop by and get the vaccine if you go for a walk or drive, or even in a group. We’re trying this for the first time now on Saturday and depending on the result we might offer this possibility more frequently,” said Leena Turpeinen, the city’s director of health and substance abuse.

Finnish media reported long lines in front of the vaccination points located in four city districts.

About 65% of adult Helsinki residents have received their first coronavirus jab so far, slightly more than the respective figure in entire Finland, a nation of 5.5 million, officials said.

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