Meet the millionaire who’s spent a fortune rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean

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In 2013, Louisiana native Christopher Catrambone was doing well for himself. His war-zone insurance company had made him rich, and he was able to take some time for a luxury cruise on the Mediterranean Sea with his Italian wife Regina.

But during that vacation, when they spotted a winter jacket floating in the water, Cantrambone realized that one of the most beautiful places on earth had become a mass grave.

“The reality started to sink in that basically, this beautiful water that we were enjoying was a hell for so many.”

So Catrambone and his wife decided to take action. They bought a boat, hired a crew, and in 2014, launched the Migrant Offshore Aid Station. Now, his crew trawls the ocean, rescuing migrant boats, and they’re expanding to Asia.

This week on Shortwave, we speak with Cantrambone about his work, his life and what’s next for his unique organization.

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