Need a distraction for your holiday road trip?


I’m P.J. Tobia, host of PBS NewsHour’s Shortwave podcast.

This is a reminder that as you hustle cross country to gather with family this holiday season, tune in to Shortwave to learn about connections to your global family.

The Shortwave podcast shows how events that happen far away, actually have a direct impact on your home, life and family.

Find us on iTunes or wherever you enjoy podcasts. Here’s a few of our favorite episodes from this year:

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The FDA, the federal agency charged with making sure much of our imported food is safe, inspects as little as two percent of these products.

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Behind the science are human beings. Doctors and their patients, victims of the outbreak and brave health workers, putting their own lives at risk.

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The U.S. government spends billions of dollars a year on electronics, making it the largest buyer of IT products in the world, according to some estimates.

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