Opponents of Hong Kong protests attempt to dismantle barricades

Hundreds of people rushed the barricades of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong Monday, battling with demonstrators to remove roadblocks that have caused traffic congestion in the city over the past two weeks.

The scuffle came hours after police peacefully dismantled several barricades in the district near government buildings in order to improve traffic flow. The anti-protest wave moved in with chants of “open the roads” and “Hong Kongers hate you all,” the BBC reported, and began dismantling pro-democracy protesters’ tents as well as removing barricades. Several clashes between the two crowds occurred before police intervened.

“They are not looking after the interests of the Hong Kong people,” Yang Xiuyun, a 60-year-old woman among the anti-protest crowd, said to the New York Times.

Occupy Central for Love and Peace, one of the campaigns behind the protest, released a statement that said violence between the two crowds “would merely deepen the social contradictions and destroy Hong Kong’s reputation and tradition of non-violent struggle.”

The Guardian reports that the pro-democracy protesters started to reinforce their barriers with concrete after the attack.