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PBS NewsHour Seeks Syrian-American Voices

Are you a Syrian living in the United States? Have you been harassed or intimidated by agents of the Assad regime or the Mukhabarat? Has your family in Syria been punished for your political beliefs or actions here?

For the past three months, The PBS NewsHour has been gathering stories of Syrian-Americans who say they are victims of this kind of surveillance and harassment. Now, we need your help to go even deeper in our reporting.

The NewsHour has partnered with the Public Insight Network to broaden our storytelling perspective. We want to hear from viewers who are caught in the sweep of current events, living the news that we report on each day. In this case, we’re looking for people in the United States who feel that they have been spied on by the Mukhabarat for their anti-regime activities. We’d also like to hear from those in the Syrian-American community who support the Assad government.

If any of this describes you, simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch soon. Your answers are confidential. We will not quote you without first getting your explicit permission.

Together, we can tell the stories that matter most from the perspective that most matters: yours.

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