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Podcast: How the Chinese government gets its messages on America’s airwaves

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As China’s economy has exploded like a nitroglycerin firecracker, a campaign of positive messaging has emanated from Beijing.

This week, a Reuters investigation uncovered what it calls a “covert radio network” of “China-friendly news” engineered by the Chinese government. China watchers say the effort is part of a government strategy to combat global criticism of human rights abuses.

This week on our Shortwave podcast, we speak with John Shiffman, who was part of the Reuters team that investigated the Chinese radio initiative, as well as David Shambaugh of George Washington University, author of the book “China Goes Global.” Shambaugh puts the Reuters story in context of what he calls China’s “soft power push.”

Also, this is a podcast. That you listen to. Click on the link above.

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