Breakthrough law strives to bring gender equality to Senegal’s government

The women of Senegal are entering an unprecedented age of political empowerment. A breakthrough law doubled the number of women in the country’s parliament, far surpassing the United States’ female representation in Congress. Women all over the country are mobilizing to meet the new opportunity head on. But how is the traditional, patriarchal West African nation responding to the sudden change?

This story was produced as part of “Global Beat” — an in-field, international reporting program established at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and under the guidance of the Bureau for International Reporting.

Reported, filmed and edited by: Contessa Gayles and Alison Withers
Additional field production by: Elizabeth Flock and Adams Sie

Student Participants: Melissa Bailey, Makini Brice, Elizabeth Flock, Contessa Gayles, Kavitha Surana, Alison Withers