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Siege of Homs Grinds On: ‘There Is a Sniper at the End of Our Street’

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s army continues to blast away at the city of Homs and on Thursday we spoke with someone living in the middle of the conflict.

Lubna, a 27-year-old woman who wished to be identified only by her first name, lives just a few blocks from Homs’ clock-tower, near the city center. For five days, she didn’t leave her house because of the sounds of gunfire and explosions. On Thursday she ventured into her neighborhood for the first time all week. We spoke with her shortly after she returned home.

Lubna told us that she lives in between Baba Amr and Al Khalidiya, two neighborhoods that activists say have been under near-constant attack by mortars and bombs.

This video, purportedly shot in Baba Amr, was uploaded to YouTube a few hours after we spoke with Lubna. The sporadic gunfire heard in the background has been a constant on some of the live video feeds of the town, archived here.

Lubna’s neighborhood can be seen on this conflict map of Homs created by the BBC. She said she lives to the left of the section marked Old City.

Homs Map BBC.gif

Earlier this week, we spoke to an activist in Homs who described the increasing violence.

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