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Spain considers strict abortion law amid protests

Thousands of protesters descend upon the Spanish Parliament as it considers a much stricter abortion law.

A Guttmacher Institute report released Monday showed the U.S. abortion rate reached its lowest level in 40 years . The abortion rate in Spain also recently fell following a 2010 law that allowed abortions until the 14th week of the pregnancy.

Despite the decrease, the Spanish Parliament is considering a proposal to ban all abortions except in cases of rape or if the mother’s health is in danger. The proposal caused tens of thousands to descend upon the parliament in protest Saturday.

The reignited debate over abortion highlights Spain’s cultural changes in the past five decades.

“We are here to protest against a government that wants to take us back to the times of Franco,” said one protester , referring to the Spanish dictator. “We are stepping backwards with this law.”

However, pro-life advocates argue that they are moving the country forward.

Fernando Gotazar of the pro-life organization the Spanish Family Forum, said, “The main point is not to punish those causing abortion, it’s to make a social climate in favour of life.”

The Guardian’s Ashifa Kassam reported that the parliament is likely to pass the bill in the spring.

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