Teen brides and future jihadis, Syria’s child refugees

The war in Syria has been going on for more than four years. If I start telling you how many hundreds of thousands of people have died, or how many millions of people have been forced from their homes, your eyes might start to glaze over. And I don’t blame you. Syria’s far away, and you’re a busy person.

Maybe you have a job. Maybe you have a couple kids.

Maybe you have a daughter.

This is a story of the more than 2.5 million Syrian children who are living as refugees this very minute. That’s nearly as many people who live in the state of Nevada.

It’s a story of parents selling daughters to the landlord in order to keep the rest of the family out of the winter cold, and boys being seduced by radical fighters.

For the latest Shortwave with P.J. Tobia, we interviewed Saba Al Mobasalat, the Jordan Country director for Save the Children, a non-governmental organization that strives to do precisely what its name implies.