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Smoke rises after an air strike in Saraqeb in Idlib province, Syria on February 28, 2020. Photo by Umit Bektas/Reuters

UN reports war crimes on almost all sides in Syria

UN investigators from the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria published a report on Monday which implicates the Russian Air Force, Syrian President Assad’s forces and Turkey in potential war crimes.

Investigators said they had “reasonable grounds to believe” that Russian planes and Russian pilots had twice deliberately bombed a civilian market place, killing 43 people.

They also stated that they suspected forces from Syrian President Assad’s regime were bombing hospitals in Idlib to “force the population to move”, which also constitutes a war crime.

The Human Rights Council found that the Turkey-backed Syrian National Army, the shock troops in Turkey’s offensive, may have committed a war crime by killing Syrian-Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf on October 12.

She was the head of the Future Party of Syria.

Commissioner Hanny Megally also criticised the international community for not doing enough to help displaced refugees at the Syrian border and said that this inaction was costing children’s lives.

People arriving at makeshift camps have struggled to find shelter and are suffering in the freezing winter temperatures
The Commission of Inquiry for Syria has been tracking and chronicling human rights abuses and violations since shortly after Syria’s war began in 2011.

They revealed the findings in their 19th regular report on Monday, this time covering July 11 last year until January 10.