WATCH: Pentagon press secretary John Kirby speaks on military supplies for Ukraine

The Pentagon announced Thursday that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will host a number of his counterparts for a Ukraine Defense Consultative Group at Ramstein Air Base next week.

Watch the briefing in the player above.

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon briefing, press secretary John Kirby said the goal of the gathering is “to bring together stakeholders from all around the world for a series of meetings on the latest Ukraine defense needs.”

Kirby said topics will include everything from the latest battlefield assessments to ensuring the steady flow of security assistance to Ukraine in the short and long terms.

Kirby also talked about the new U.S. military assistance announced Thursday for Ukraine, which includes 72 155mm howitzers, 144,000 artillery rounds, 72 vehicles used to tow to the howitzers onto battlefields, and over 121 Phoenix Ghost tactical drones, as well as field equipment and spare parts.

He said the drones were developed by the Air Force in specific response to Ukrainian needs and produced by a U.S. company, Aevex Aerospace, but he would not say whether the program began before Russia started its invasion Feb. 24.

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“We believed that that this particular system would very nicely suit their needs, particularly in eastern Ukraine. And so, it was already in development, but we will continue to move that development in ways that that that that are attuned to Ukrainian requirements,” Kirby said.

The Pentagon spokesman also said he has no problem with Moscow banning him and other Biden administration spokespeople from traveling to Russia, as it announced earlier Thursday.

“I looked at everybody else on the list. That’s a pretty fine group to belong to. So I’m OK with that,” Kirby said.

The Russian foreign ministry announced a travel entry ban against more than two dozen U.S. citizens, including Kirby, Vice President Kamala Harris, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Deputy Defence Secretary Kathleen Hicks by denying them entry to the country.