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What we’re watching Sunday

11 miners rescued, 200 more potentially trapped in illegal South African mine

Rescuers brought at least 11 miners to safety on Sunday, after debris left as many as 200 illegal miners trapped in an abandoned gold mine outside of Johannesburg.

Rescue teams have been able to make contact with about 30 miners trapped towards the top of the mine who said as many as 200 others were stuck deeper in a tunnel.

None of the 30 miners are thought to be seriously injured.

Ukrainian protesters leave city hall on the heels of amnesty offer

In a response to an amnesty offer from the government, Ukrainian protesters ended their standoff at Kiev’s city hall on Sunday after two months of occupation.

Authorities also removed riot police from an area near Kiev’s soccer stadium where three protesters were killed in clashes between police and anti-government demonstrators.

Opposition leaders said they would still push for constitutional changes during a parliamentary session to be held Tuesday.

Weekend of snowstorms leaves 12 dead in Japan

Heavy snowstorms in Tokyo and parts of eastern Japan this weekend crippled parts of the country and left 12 people dead.

More than 200,000 households were without power on Saturday, while 338 domestic and 12 international flights were cancelled.

The more than 10 inches of snowfall followed the heaviest snowstorms seen in Japan for 45 years.