Why is interfaith dialogue important and what are the challenges?

Most people agree that interfaith dialogue is good thing, that we must seek to understand each other and keep an open dialogue. Many believe we can learn from each others worship and traditions. But what seems like a simple idea can be difficult to accomplish, particularly in a significant and meaningful way. Why is interfaith dialogue really important, what mindset should people have when the begin and what are realistic expectations?


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Ashay Ajgaonkar : Barsana Dham - Austin, TX
Ashay Ajgaonkar

"You really can learn a lot from other people."
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Geoffrey Shugen Arnold : Zen Mountain Monastery - Mt. Tremper, NY
Geoffrey Shugen Arnold

"There's been such a history of divisiveness ... between different religions."
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Najib Assaadi : Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center - Falls Church, VA
Najib Assaadi

"It teaches us to be tolerant of other people."
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Wilson Bryant : Greater Mt. Zion AME - St. Petersburg, FL
Wilson Bryant

"Everybody on the face of this earth is our fellow man."
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Leroy Stewart : Greater Mt. Zion AME - St. Petersburg, FL
Leroy Stewart

"I am always free and accepting to what other people have to say."
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