What is a congregation?

The simple definition of a congregation is a group of people who come together to worship, but for many that is just the beginning. We asked each person to defined congregation and explain what it meant in their religious and social lives.


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Mae Bannister : Greater Mt. Zion AME - St. Petersburg, FL
Mae Bannister

"A congregation is a group of people that is seeking the same thing."
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Jonathan Lief : Temple Shalom - Wheeling, WV
Jonathan Lief

"The congregations have merged."
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Pastor Clarence Williams : Greater Mt. Zion AME - St. Petersburg, FL
Pastor Clarence Williams

"We bring something--we contribute. This is a team."
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Janet Arno : St. Mary Catholic Church - Indianapolis, IN
Janet Arno

"I couldn't belong to a congregation without believing that I added every part of my soul to it."
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Rev. Kathleen Chesson : First Christian Church - Falls Church, VA
Rev. Kathleen Chesson

"We've had lots of internal conflicts in this church."
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