Why do you worship where you do?

There are an estimated 350,000 congregations in America. In many cities there are several choices of places to worship even within a given faith or denomination. What brought people to their specific place of worship and why do they keep coming back?


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William Scott : Mahattan Baptist Church - Tampa, FL
William Scott

"Being at this church has kept me sane."
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Cecilia Acosta : St. Mary Catholic Church - Indianapolis, IN
Cecilia Acosta

"When you have God at the center of your life, it's easy."
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Cequita Boyd : Greater Mt. Zion AME - St. Petersburg, FL
Cequita Boyd

"I just thank God for a congregation."
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Donald Dease : Mahattan Baptist Church - Tampa, FL
Donald Dease

"I come to learn each time I come to church."
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Dozier Harrell III : Greater Mt. Zion AME - St. Petersburg, FL
Dozier Harrell III

"The church as a big brother...."
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