What is the role of the leadership of your congregation?

The role of the leadership of different places of worship varies significantly. How is your place of worship lead spiritually and institutionally? What is the role of lay leadership?


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William Scott : Mahattan Baptist Church - Tampa, FL
William Scott

"Like a compass he leads you in the right direction."
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Rabbi Ron Bernstein-Goff : Temple Shalom - Wheeling, WV
Rabbi Ron Bernstein-Goff

"My job is to find out what that answer is that they've already devised for themselves and validate it for them."
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Mel Cotner : First Christian Church - Falls Church, VA
Mel Cotner

"In many ways the minister is the Chief Operating Officer for the church."
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Janet Arno : St. Mary Catholic Church - Indianapolis, IN
Janet Arno

"I see it more inspirational and leadership oriented."
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Konrad Ryushin Marchaj : Zen Mountain Monastery - Mt. Tremper, NY
Konrad Ryushin Marchaj

"A good teacher will always make sure that the challenges are presented."
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